Cool Fonts to Draw (for Calligraphy and Handwriting!)

On the lookout for simple fonts to attract by hand? On this article, we’ll have a look at some cool fonts to attract and the place yow will discover them. We’ll additionally have a look at what you should learn about utilizing fonts to attract by hand. There are some simple, cool fonts to attract on the market, however you may wish to be sure to’re doing it in a copyright-friendly method.

Discover Simple Fonts to Draw by Hand on Envato Components

Do you want a supply of cool fonts to attract by hand, all licensed for industrial utilization? Envato Elements is an ideal alternative. One low charge will get you entry to a complete library of fonts to attempt.

There are many cool fonts to draw, like brush fonts, hand lettering, and extra. There are additionally fairly fonts to attract, like calligraphy types. All the fonts are included for one low value, so you should use them for hand-lettering inspiration in addition to different tasks.

Here is a have a look at a number of the simple fonts you may obtain on Envato Components, proper now. Keep in mind, this whole font library is included. Obtain your favorites right now.

1. Hollyday: Handdrawn Kids (Cool Fonts to Draw) (OTF, TTF, WOFF)

Hollyday - Handdrawn KidsHollyday - Handdrawn KidsHollyday - Handdrawn Kids

Is not this a enjoyable instance of the aesthetic of a handwriting font? Obtain these cool fonts or give this look a attempt your self. Strive experimenting with totally different line thicknesses and including serifs.

2. Natashya: Hand-Drawn Brush Font (OTF, TTF)

Natashya - Hand-drawn Brush FontNatashya - Hand-drawn Brush FontNatashya - Hand-drawn Brush Font

Cursive, inventive fonts may be such a enjoyable aesthetic to attempt. Obtain these inventive fonts and take a look at them in your undertaking. Or attempt creating some sweeping strokes of your individual.

3. SPLASH: Handdrawn Font (Cool Easy Fonts) (OTF)

SPLASH - Handdrawn FontSPLASH - Handdrawn FontSPLASH - Handdrawn Font

Here is a enjoyable font to attract with a thick, chunky look. What instruments will you employ to attract your cool letters? Strive a brush that makes use of the aesthetic of handwriting, just like the one on this font.

4. Sprinkles: Hand-Drawn Font (OTF, TTF, WOFF)

Sprinkles - Hand-Drawn FontSprinkles - Hand-Drawn FontSprinkles - Hand-Drawn Font

This cool letter font takes a enjoyable course. You do not have to make each letter the identical measurement, as we see in these enjoyable, hand-drawn letters.

5. Calligraphy Font (Fancy Fonts to Draw) (OTF, TTF)

Calligraphy FontCalligraphy FontCalligraphy Font

This lovely, calligraphy-style font has a contemporary appear and feel. It could be an amazing match on invites. Strive drawing some cool letter fonts of your individual.

6. Comedik Hand-Drawn Playful (Easy Fonts to Draw) (OTF, TTF, WOFF, WOFF2)

Comedik Hand-Drawn PlayfulComedik Hand-Drawn PlayfulComedik Hand-Drawn Playful

An all-caps type can work nicely for hand lettering. Strive your individual handwriting on this type. Go for big capital letters and experiment with how they appear.

7. Quicksliver Handdrawn Brush (OTF, TTF, WOFF)

Quicksliver Handdrawn BrushQuicksliver Handdrawn BrushQuicksliver Handdrawn Brush

Here’s a chunkier tackle a daring, hand-drawn brush font. Will you draw your cool letters with a brush? Or will you attempt digital brushes in Procreate or Photoshop?

8. Bullate: Blobby Bold Fonts to Draw (OTF, TTF)

Bullate - Blobby Bold FontBullate - Blobby Bold FontBullate - Blobby Bold Font

Hand-drawn fonts to attract can use different aesthetics too, like this chunky sans serif font. Strive working together with your handwriting and making it thicker or bolder. That may be a enjoyable strategy to provide you with a lettering thought.

9. Aquila Handdrawn Script Font (OTF, TTF, WOFF)

Aquila Handdrawn Script FontAquila Handdrawn Script FontAquila Handdrawn Script Font

This beautiful script font has constant, strong traces. Strive creating one thing like this with a daring, tipped pen or a spherical brush in Photoshop.

10. Cuttie Beary: Cute and Fun Fonts to Draw (OTF, TTF, WOFF)

Cuttie Beary - Cute and Fun HanddrawnCuttie Beary - Cute and Fun HanddrawnCuttie Beary - Cute and Fun Handdrawn

Down for cute fonts? Strive getting in contact together with your cutesy facet once you’re hand lettering. Add gildings, curves, and different enjoyable touches.

11. Butterly Calligraphy Script (Cool Fonts to Draw by Hand) (OTF, TTF, WOFF)

Butterly Calligraphy ScriptButterly Calligraphy ScriptButterly Calligraphy Script

Here is a enjoyable, bouncy script font that takes sturdy influences from calligraphy. You may take a calligraphic strategy or draw one thing like this in a extra illustrative method.

12. Outeris Calligraphy Font (Cool Fonts to Draw) (OTF, TTF)

Outeris Calligraphy FontOuteris Calligraphy FontOuteris Calligraphy Font

These letters have quite a lot of power of their lengthy, sweeping strokes. It is an amazing thought to apply traces like these in case you plan to take a calligraphic strategy.

13. Leira Extended Hand-Drawn Brush (Fun Fonts to Draw) (TTF, WOFF)

Leira Extended Hand Drawn Brush FontLeira Extended Hand Drawn Brush FontLeira Extended Hand Drawn Brush Font

However not all hand lettering needs to be cursive or script. Strive chunky, textured letters too. They could be a nice alternative for newbies.

14. Fendysa: Calligraphy Pretty Fonts to Draw (TTF, OTF, WOFF)

Fendysa - Calligraphy FontFendysa - Calligraphy FontFendysa - Calligraphy Font

Or push your self with one thing actually ornamental, like this trendy font. Strive making your individual enjoyable swashes and swirls on the finish of your letters.

15. Art Plot Bold Hand-Drawn Font (OTF, TTF)

Art Plot Bold Hand Drawn FontArt Plot Bold Hand Drawn FontArt Plot Bold Hand Drawn Font

Is not this chunky font cute? An thought like this one is sweet and beginner-friendly too. Obtain this font or attempt your individual lettering with chunky, filled-in counters. 

16. Girly Feminine Script Font (OTF, TTF)

Girly Feminine Script FontGirly Feminine Script FontGirly Feminine Script Font

On the lookout for cute handwriting fonts? Have you ever tried having a look at your individual script writing? Strive it out with totally different pens too, to see in case you can create totally different results.

17. Ecriture Font (Easy Cool Fonts to Draw) (OTF, TTF, WOFF)

Ecriture FontEcriture FontEcriture Font

This font has a classy aesthetic that is additionally easy to attract. Obtain cool fonts like this one, or attempt drawing your individual lengthy, skinny letters. They work nicely with and with out serifs.

18. Baby Wildy Handbrush Font (OTF, TTF)

Baby WildyBaby WildyBaby Wildy

Brush fonts and brush letter strokes may be trickier to attract, however nicely well worth the apply. Do this with a brush pen. Don’t desire the mess? You are able to do this with digital portray too.

19. Lemon Pops Script Font (OTF, TTF)

Lemon Pops FontLemon Pops FontLemon Pops Font

Would not this font look cool in vibrant colours? Check out totally different colours and textures together with your hand-lettering tasks too.

20. Nutmeg Cursive Font (Cute Fonts to Draw) (EOT, SVG, WOFF, WOFF2)

Nutmeg FontNutmeg FontNutmeg Font

Here is a candy font that appears actually welcoming. A curvy, hand-drawn type like this might work so nicely for decor, invites, and different enjoyable tasks. 

21. Pajaritos Handwritten Font (Cool Fonts to Draw) (OTF)

Pajaritos Handwritten FontPajaritos Handwritten FontPajaritos Handwritten Font

This handwritten font has a extremely common aesthetic. It is a enjoyable one to attempt to attract in your individual method too. Strive including serifs or mixing up the road width.

22. Ice Valley Chunky Script Cursive Font (OTF, TTF, WOFF)

Ice ValleyIce ValleyIce Valley

The width of your traces could make a giant distinction in your hand lettering, as you may see on this font. Take into consideration what thickness you favor on your undertaking.

23. Folders Font (Easy Fonts to Draw) (OTF, TTF, WOFF, WOFF2)

Folders FontFolders FontFolders Font

This font seems very very similar to somebody’s handwriting. Check out your handwriting and see what features you would possibly wish to push.

24. Bulgaria Script (Cursive Letter Fonts to Draw) (OTF, TTF)

Bulgaria ScriptBulgaria ScriptBulgaria Script

In the case of extra ornamental letters, resolve in case you want single strokes or if you wish to absolutely illustrate the letters first. These are the 2 methods you possibly can strategy letters like this font.

25. Shallom Brush Font (Cool Fonts to Draw by Hand) (OTF 

Shallom Brush FontShallom Brush FontShallom Brush Font

You too can combine script parts with standalone letters, as you may see on this enjoyable font. Keep in mind, you may play with texture too. How about watercolor or chalk?

26. Cutie Dinosaur Font + Bonus (Fun Fonts to Draw) (OTF, TTF)

Cutie Dinosaur Font + BonusCutie Dinosaur Font + BonusCutie Dinosaur Font + Bonus

You too can add design parts to your cool letters, just like the playful traces we see on this cute font. Obtain this font or attempt experimenting with traces in your individual hand lettering.

27. Skinny Jeans: Fashion Handwriting (Cool Letters to Draw) (OTF, TTF)

Skinny Jeans - Fashion Handwriting FontSkinny Jeans - Fashion Handwriting FontSkinny Jeans - Fashion Handwriting Font

We have checked out a number of chunky, inventive fonts, however how a couple of actually skinny aesthetic? This may pair very well with an extended, tall script look. Give a appear like this one a attempt.

28. Biban Handwritten Script (OTF, TTF, EOT, WOFF, WOFF2)

Biban Handwritten ScriptBiban Handwritten ScriptBiban Handwritten Script

Right here we have now an reverse look. One thing daring and thick like this script may very well be nice for titles and factors of curiosity in your hand lettering.

29. Mona Extended Font (Easy Cool Fonts) (OTF, WOFF)

Mona Extended FontMona Extended FontMona Extended Font

Discover the variation in line width on this font. That is one thing you are able to do with various stress once you’re drawing letters by hand. It makes for a classy impact.

30. Shepila Pretty Script Font (OTF, TTF, WOFF)

Shepila - Pretty Script FontShepila - Pretty Script FontShepila - Pretty Script Font

These trendy letters have a musical high quality, do not they? It is so elegant. The identical rules can apply right here too: press tougher for thicker traces and lighter for thinner ones.

31. Friends Forever Font + Floral Extras (OTF, TTF)

Friends Forever Font + Floral ExtrasFriends Forever Font + Floral ExtrasFriends Forever Font + Floral Extras

There’s one thing so welcoming and pleasant about handwriting, is not there? Check out a font like this one or experiment with your individual writing for private messages.

What Is Hand Lettering Anyway? 

Hand lettering is very similar to the way it sounds: it is about drawing letters by hand. This might not embody issues like utilizing fonts. Hand lettering is often illustrative, however it may well embody all kinds of strategies. For instance, writing out a letter in your handwriting may very well be thought of hand lettering. Or you possibly can craft actually clever and ornate letters.

Need to study extra about hand lettering? We have loads of free tutorial content material on Envato Tuts+, excellent for newbies and superior artists alike. Begin drawing your individual hand-lettered tasks right now:

Issues to Know: Font Etiquette and Possession 

However the place do you discover inspiration once you’re hand-drawing letters? Chances are you’ll wish to begin by researching simple fonts to attract. There are such a lot of lovely fonts on the market in so many types. They’ll function an amazing start line on your tasks. Nevertheless, there are some things to notice right here:

  • Fonts are inventive works, created by artists. Whereas fonts are sometimes utilized by designers, they’re usually meant for by-product works. Which means that font licenses usually permit the person to create one thing new with their font. It’s usually not a license to resell the person letters themselves.
  • Nevertheless, letters themselves are often not copyright-specific. So, for instance, in most international locations, nobody holds a copyright over the letter “A”. We are able to all draw it and revel in it with out worrying about utilization rights. Model is often an identical case. For instance, we are able to all design our personal italic-style font or lettering.
  • This is the reason you may usually see fonts in an identical type. There is a distinction between a similarity in type and tracing a font. Model can usually end in a completely new style of font, and this is usually a good thing. In case you like an aesthetic, attempt your individual tackle it. For instance, nobody “owns” calligraphy. Nevertheless, an artist does personal the appropriate to their particular person art work created in that aesthetic.
fonts artworkfonts artworkfonts artwork
Stock photography from Envato Components

So what does this imply? As you search for inventive fonts to attract, contemplate this:

  • If you buy a font, you often have full, industrial utilization rights. This implies you possibly can create a by-product work utilizing the precise font, for revenue. That is useful if you wish to carefully recreate a particular font by hand in your lettering undertaking. Consider it like utilizing a font in a industrial design undertaking. 
  • In any other case, ensure that to make use of the font as inspiration—not as a direct supply. This implies, for instance, drawing your individual work impressed by an aesthetic, quite than carefully tracing it.
  • Take into account that many fonts don’t permit the person letters to be bought or reproduced for revenue, as is. 
  • In case you’re simply utilizing hand-drawn simple fonts to attract for apply, then you definitely’re most likely positive experimenting at will. Simply keep in mind to suppose like an artist: respect the work of others as you’ll need your work revered too.

That is only a common information to assist get you began. Every font could range. Be certain to test the font’s license so you understand its phrases.

What Hand-Lettering Venture Will You Create?

So, in case you’re searching for cool fonts to attract, which is able to you attempt? Take into account beginning off with your individual simple, cool fonts. Strive your handwriting and add a inventive twist, for instance. Your individual handwriting could make the proper hand-drawn font. It is a good start line. Or begin from an illustrative place and go together with an ornamental look. There are such a lot of instructions you possibly can attempt.

Keep in mind, you may obtain hundreds of cool writing fonts on Envato Components, all for one low value. It is an superior deal in case you love fonts.

On the lookout for much more font inspiration? Take a look at these collections from Envato Tuts+:

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