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Why do we now have completely different extension lengths?
Totally different extension lengths are a key a part of this assortment as a result of it permits digicam operators to construct out the handles to the particular wants of the job and digicam. The smaller kits and extensions guarantee which you can construct a deal with for a smaller digicam like a Sony FX3, but additionally add the 1″ or 3″ for one thing like a RED KOMODO. 

When would you employ one extension in comparison with one other?
This actually boils all the way down to the way you wish to use these handles, for instance, the 1″ extension won’t make an enormous distinction to somebody dealing with a Sony VENICE, however for the in-action filmmaker capturing the DC Tour, the 1″ extension on the entrance of the deal with will enable them to hit angles on the fly that may in any other case be tougher to get. 

What do the extensions connect to? How do they connect?
The extensions of this assortment are designed to connect to the front and back of the opposite items for maximized customization. The items are connected utilizing ⅜”-16 connection, which is the trade customary. All extensions also can connect on to a cage in any of the ⅜”-16 holes with anti-twist location pin holes.

Because of the customary ⅜”-16 with anti-twist pins, the handles can mount to the edges or high of any of the opposite handles so as to add to the configuration potentialities.

Are you able to mix extensions?
Sure, combining the extensions provides to the opposite lengths that is perhaps wanted. Mix two 1″ extension for a 2″ deal with, or add a 1″ extension to the three” to get a 4″ deal with. We welcome customers to experiment and mount this method in methods past its authentic design.

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