How to Create a People Magazine Cover

Creating your individual Folks journal cowl template in Adobe InDesign is a enjoyable and inventive solution to showcase your self or the one you love cat. With the assistance of InDesign and a few creativeness, you’ll be able to design a clean Folks journal cowl template that captures consideration and displays your distinctive model.

What You may Be taught in This Folks Journal Cowl Tutorial

  • What font does Folks journal use?
  • Tips on how to make a Folks journal cowl template

Tutorial Property

1. What Font Does Folks Journal Use?

In relation to designing a canopy for {a magazine} like Folks, incorporating the long-lasting Folks journal font is essential. The brand represents the model’s identification and ought to be prominently featured on the duvet. The Folks journal font is greater than doubtless a customized font made for the publication. For this tutorial, we are going to create a reproduction utilizing the Faltige font. After some customizing and adjusting, you’ll have a brand that’s an identical to the one used on Folks journal.

2. Tips on how to Make a Folks Journal Cowl Template

Step 1

Create a brand new doc in InDesign by going to File > New > Doc. Change the scale to a portrait orientation 8.5 in x 11 in, 0.5 in Margins, and 0.125 in bleed on both sides. 

New documentNew documentNew document

Step 2

Open the Ragdoll Kitten picture in Adobe Photoshop. Go to Picture > Mode > CMYK Coloration to alter the picture to CMYK. Subsequent, go to Picture > Picture Measurement and alter the Decision to 300. Be certain that Resample is unchecked.

Kitten Kitten Kitten

Step 3

Duplicate the kitten layer (Command-J) in Photoshop. With the duplicated layer chosen, go to Choose > Topic and create a masks.

Cat selectionCat selectionCat selection

Step 4

Save the file as a PSD. Go to File > Save As and choose Photoshop below Format. Bounce again over to InDesign, choose the Rectangle Body Device (F), and canopy the background.

With the body chosen, go to File > Place. Choose the Photoshop file you simply saved and ensure Present Import Choices is checked. Choose Open. Within the Picture Import Choices dialog field, make the primary cat layer invisible by deciding on the attention icon. Click on OK.

Image optionsImage optionsImage options

Step 5

Resize the picture to 86% throughout the body.

Image sizeImage sizeImage size

Step 6

Choose the cat body and Edit > Copy, Edit > Paste in Place. Now we will place the masked kitten layer on this duplicated layer. Return to File > Place and choose the cat Photoshop file once more, however this time make the second layer invisible and click on OK. You need to now have two cat layers: one that’s masked and the opposite with a background.

2nd cat layer2nd cat layer2nd cat layer

Step 7

Now we are going to create the Folks journal brand. Utilizing the Sort Device (T), sort “Folks”. Use the font Faltige, altering the font dimension to 170 pt, Vertical Scale 120%, Horizontal Scale 96%, and Monitoring to -140. Modify the font colour to the Paper swatch and Stroke to the Yellow swatch. Change the Stroke Weight to 2 pt. Transfer the “Folks” textual content layer behind the masked kitten layer (Command-[).

People mastheadPeople mastheadPeople masthead

Step 8

Select the Rectangle Tool (M) and cover the bottom third of the magazine and Fill it with the Black swatch. Go to Object > Effects > Gradient Feather and change the Angle to 90°. 

Magazine footer shadowMagazine footer shadowMagazine footer shadow

Step 9

Select Transparency in the Effects panel. Change the Mode to Multiply and the Opacity to 40%.

Blend ModeBlend ModeBlend Mode

Step 10

Using the Rectangle Tool (M), create two rectangles and Fill them with the yellow swatch. Rotate each rectangle .

Yellow rectanglesYellow rectanglesYellow rectangles

Step 11

Use the Type Tool (T) and type “Meet Gizmo” using these settings:

  • Meet: Ventura, 30 pt, Black swatch
  • Gizmo: Ventura, 36 pt, Black swatch
Meet GizmoMeet GizmoMeet Gizmo

Step 12

Type “Cutest Kitten Alive!” using the font Ventura Regular, 54 pt, and filled with the Paper swatch.

Cutest kittenCutest kittenCutest kitten

Step 13

Add more information about your main story by adding a subheader to the left of the headline. Use the font Eco-Friendly Market Italic, 12 pt, and Paper swatch.


Step 14

Add another article title in the bottom-right corner using the Ventura font. 

Plus storyPlus storyPlus story

Step 15

Select the Rectangle Tool (M) and make a square above the article. Change the size to 2.31 in for the Width and 2.78 in for the Height.

Black frameBlack frameBlack frame

Step 16

With the square selected, go to Object > Corner Options. Change the shape of the bottom-left corner to Rounded and the size to 0.25 in.

Corner optionsCorner optionsCorner options

Step 17

Use the Type Tool (T) to type out another article in the black square. Use the font Eco-friendly Market Italic, size 19 pt, Underlined, and Fill it with the Paper swatch.

F with catsF with catsF with cats

Step 18

Open the cat with glasses image in Photoshop and convert it to CMYK, making sure the Resolution is set to 300. Save the file as a PSD. Back in InDesign, grab the Rectangle Frame Tool (F) and make a photo frame for your image. Go to File > Place and select the Photoshop file you just saved. 

Make sure Show Import Options is unchecked when you place your image.

Cat with glassesCat with glassesCat with glasses

Step 19

Similar to the “Meet Gizmo” text, add a yellow highlighted text frame that says “INSIDE”.

Inside labelInside labelInside label

Step 20

Select the Polygon Tool and click once on the cover. The Polygon options box should appear. Change the settings to 2.5 in, 20 Sides, and 10% Star Inset.

Polygon shapePolygon shapePolygon shape

Step 21

Change the Fill to Pink and the Stroke to Paper on the Polygon.

Polygon colorPolygon colorPolygon color

Step 22

Type out “Special DOUBLE ISSUE” and Rotate the text frame 14°. Use the fonts Ventura Light Italic and Faltige.

Double issueDouble issueDouble issue

Step 23

Add another article title above the image of the cat with sunglasses. Use the fonts Ventura and Eco-friendly Market Italic

Meme titleMeme titleMeme title

Step 24

In the top-right corner, add a Rectangle Frame and File > Place the cat in a sweater image after converting it to CMYK in Photoshop. Type out the name of your article using yellow rectangles placed below the cat photo.

Cat fashion articleCat fashion articleCat fashion article

Step 25

Type the last article at the top of the cover.

Top article people magazineTop article people magazineTop article people magazine

Step 26

Wrap up your People magazine cover template by typing the month and year under the People magazine logo.

Month YearMonth YearMonth Year

Now It’s Time to Showcase Your People Magazine Cover

In this tutorial, you learned how to create the iconic People magazine logo, along with choosing images that grab readers’ attention and entice them to pick up the magazine. If you don’t want to go through the hassle of seeing what your cover will look like in print, you should try placing it on a standing magazine mockup.

Magazine Standing MockupMagazine Standing MockupMagazine Standing Mockup

Download a People Magazine Cover Template

If you’ve ever dreamed of gracing the cover of People magazine, now you can make it a reality with your very own custom template. With a little creativity and the right tools from Envato Elements, you can design a stunning People magazine cover this week that captures your personality and style.

1. Fashion Life Magazine (INDD)

Fashion Life MagazineFashion Life MagazineFashion Life Magazine

The cover of our Fashion Life Magazine sets the tone for what’s to come. It’s designed to make a statement and grab attention right from the start.

2. Quest Travel Magazine (INDD)

Quest Travel MagazineQuest Travel MagazineQuest Travel Magazine

With a clean design approach, you can ensure that your travel magazine is visually appealing and easy to navigate. Quest is the perfect option for all your vacation-ready readers.

3. Sports Magazine (INDD)

Sports MagazineSports MagazineSports Magazine

A custom-designed cover allows you to showcase the unique personality and style of your sports magazine. Whether it’s featuring a dynamic action shot or highlighting a star athlete, the cover sets the tone for what readers can expect inside.

4. High Fashion Magazine (INDD)

High fashion magazineHigh fashion magazineHigh fashion magazine

Not only does this template provide an aesthetically pleasing layout, but it also offers practicality. The use of Adobe InDesign ensures that you have full control over customization options, allowing you to personalize every aspect according to your brand’s unique style and vision.

5. Multipurpose Fashion Magazine (INDD)

Multipurpose fashion magazineMultipurpose fashion magazineMultipurpose fashion magazine

Are you in search of a fashion template that is not only visually stunning but also multipurpose? Our Multipurpose Fashion Magazine template, designed with Adobe InDesign, is the perfect solution for all your fashion publication needs.

Design Magazine Covers Like a Pro!

Designing magazine covers requires a blend of creativity, attention to detail, and an understanding of the target audience. Whether you’re designing for People magazine or any other publication, there are certain elements that can help you create captivating covers that stand out on the newsstands. Check out these resources to improve your cover design skills.

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