How to Improve the Accessibility of Fonts and Typography in Your Designs

Font varieties, font design and typography can have a huge effect on the legibility and visibility of designs for visually impaired viewers, a consideration that print and internet designers usually overlook. 

Choosing the proper sort of font fashion to make use of in your print structure or web site to enhance accessibility doesn’t should be tough or to compromise the general aesthetic of your design. Right here, you could find out extra about how several types of fonts and font design can have an effect on visually impaired viewers, and how one can make instantaneous enhancements to your designs.

font accessibilityfont accessibilityfont accessibility

How Do Font Selection and Typography Have an effect on Visually Impaired People?

In line with the World Well being Organisation (WHO), a minimum of 2.2 billion people have a vision impairment or blindness, which signifies that an astonishingly excessive share of 28.5% of the world’s inhabitants have some type of imaginative and prescient impairment.  

Visible impairment falls broadly into three classes, which have totally different or overlapping results for the way these affected work together with type-based designs:

Colour blindness signifies that whereas the form of textual content isn’t distorted, the colour of textual content will be tough to understand, and the distinguishment between colours will be tougher. Colour-blind people may also be delicate to paint brightness. 

color blindnesscolor blindnesscolor blindness

Low imaginative and prescient (or low visible acuity) signifies that a person can have partial sight in a single or each eyes, blurry imaginative and prescient, tunnel imaginative and prescient, central subject loss, and/or clouded imaginative and prescient. Designs with small-scale textual content or click on targets will be tough for affected customers to learn or see. Whereas some people use specialist built-in browser zoom or display screen magnifiers like ZoomText for searching web sites, many non-technical customers will not be conscious of, or don’t know the best way to use, these extensions.

low visionlow visionlow vision

Blindness is the substantial lack of imaginative and prescient in each of the eyes. For printed and bodily textual content, blind people have relied on Braille textual content, whereas blind web customers usually flip to display screen reader know-how, which turns on-screen content material into speech or reveals it on a Braille show. The preferred display screen reader software program for Home windows gadgets is JAWS (Job Entry With Speech), whereas Apple customers generally use VoiceOver.

braille translation of fontbraille translation of fontbraille translation of font

Different particular signs of visible impairment which might have an effect on how people work together with textual content embrace:

  • Visible snow, glare, ghosting, and cataracts—signs which might have an effect on the readability, place and variety of occurrences (double imaginative and prescient) of textual content.
  • Nystagmus, which is characterised by fast, involuntary, oscillatory motion of the eyes, may give the impression that textual content is leaping round or disappearing.
  • An obstructed visible subject, which incorporates floaters, an obstruction to 1 facet (retinal detachment or hemianopia), obstructed central imaginative and prescient (glaucoma), spotty imaginative and prescient (diabetic retinopathy), or obstructed peripheral imaginative and prescient (retinitis pigmentosa or macular degeneration), can restrict the person’s subject of view, that means that some elements of the textual content in a design may not be seen. 

An Instance of Accessibility and Inaccessibility in Follow

Let’s take a look at an instance of how the selection of fonts and formatting of typography may have an effect on the accessibility of a web site for visually impaired people. 

The New Yorker has been praised by type aficionados for its elegant use of typography. On the journal’s web site, the quirky and custom-designed serif font, NY Irvin, is balanced with geometric sans serif Neutraface and conventional serif Instances New Roman.

As a publication with an clever repute, The New Yorker has a text-heavy website, that includes a masthead and central headline teaser, alongside numerous different article titles across the periphery. 

the new yorkerthe new yorkerthe new yorker

As trendy and aesthetically balanced because it could be, the typography presents numerous points which generally restrict the accessibility of such websites to visually impaired customers.

The New Yorker web site performs poorly on three events, when confronted with customers with signs of low acuity (blur), ghosting, and a blocked visible subject. These photos have been generated utilizing the NoCoffee imaginative and prescient simulator, a browser extension which permits internet designers to evaluate the accessibility of web sites. 

A person with low acuity would battle to learn the textual content set at a smaller scale, such because the article teasers within the left and proper columns, in addition to physique textual content within the headline space. 

blurry visionblurry visionblurry vision

If a person experiences ghosting (also referred to as double imaginative and prescient or diplopia), the web site textual content turns into practically utterly illegible. The ornate fashion of the serif font is little doubt an exacerbating issue on this, as the form of particular person letters isn’t immediately perceptible when overlapping.


Within the case of {a partially} blocked visible subject, the truth that the structure is text-heavy and scattered round a large space provides to the inaccessibility of the positioning. Within the case of peripheral imaginative and prescient (generally a symptom of both glaucoma or retinitis pigmentosa), the outlying articles turn into an increasing number of tough to see. 

blocked visual fieldblocked visual fieldblocked visual field

The web site performs significantly better, nevertheless, on three different counts. If a person has shade deficiency (comparable to protanopia, red-green shade blindness), solely the photographs are usually affected, with the black textual content set in opposition to a white background proving to be a transparent and legible shade alternative.

color blindnesscolor blindnesscolor blindness

Within the case of distinction loss, the high-contrast monochrome palette additionally counteracts the impact of visible ‘graying’. Customers with cataracts, who generally expertise a clouded sight view in consequence, will even profit from the high-contrast shade of the textual content. 

low contrastlow contrastlow contrast

Based mostly on all of those observations, the kind designers behind The New Yorker are doing a little issues properly for visually impaired customers, however there are vital points that may very well be modified to enhance accessibility. 

Whereas the black-and-white distinction of the textual content improves readability, the selection of a stylized serif font, small sizing of textual content and the amount and scattering of textual content across the structure equate to a design that’s excessive on fashion however low on accessibility.      

6 Steps You Can Take to Enhance the Accessibility of Sort in Your Designs

Making the kind in your print or digital designs extra accessible isn’t tough. Beneath are six steps you may take to enhance the legibility and general visibility of fonts and typography.

Use Widespread Sans Serif Fonts

At the moment, Section 508 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 doesn’t pin down the necessities for selecting accessible typefaces. Nonetheless, the US Division of Well being and Human Companies has really useful the next fonts for PDF paperwork: Instances New Roman, Verdana, Arial, Tahoma, Helvetica, and Calibri.

These fonts tick two accessibility packing containers. First, they’re sans serifs. Missing the additional thrives featured on serif fonts that may impair readability, sans serifs are usually a lot simpler to learn. 

Secondly, these are widespread fonts, which in consequence are much less seemingly to get replaced on web sites and are additionally processed extra ceaselessly by readers, making the fashion of the font extra invisible and the textual content extra readable. 

arial fontarial fontarial font

Stick with One or Two Fonts in a Design

A number of fonts can distract from the duty of studying, which provides additional pressure for a visually impaired viewer, so restrict the variety of fonts on a print or internet structure to a most of two or ideally only one font. 


Enhance the Measurement of Sort

Use a minimal font measurement of 12 pt for internet and print designs, however goal for even bigger to enhance visibility. The British government website, for instance, makes use of a minimal font measurement of 19 pt. 

Guarantee key titles, calls to motion, and vital objects of data are set in a big font measurement. 

resize fontresize fontresize font

Maximize Colour Distinction

Make sure that the distinction between textual content and the background is as excessive as doable. Setting black textual content in opposition to white, and vice versa, is the apparent alternative, however utilizing colours from reverse ends of the spectrum will even assist to maximise distinction within the case of shade blindness.

Tip: Use a contrast checking tool to make sure that the colour selections you’ve opted for are as contrasting as doable.

color contrastcolor contrastcolor contrast

Keep away from Animations

Textual content that flashes, strikes or disappears isn’t solely doubtlessly irritating for almost all of web site customers, however it may possibly exasperate visible impairment points, particularly within the case of nystagmus (flutter).


Keep away from Utilizing Italic and UPPERCASE Types

Skewing and compressing textual content, as is the case with italicized sort, reduces legibility, as does setting textual content in all caps. If you wish to distinguish sure elements of your textual content, decide as an alternative for a daring weight or elevated font measurement. 

italic fontitalic fontitalic font

Keep away from Utilizing Novelty or Show Fonts

Novelty font kinds are usually extra stylized than sans serifs and serifs, that means that there’s an additional layer of visible data to course of. Additional texture, ornament or thrives improve the complexity of the font and scale back legibility. For a visually impaired viewer, this provides one other process on prime of the pressure of making an attempt to studying the textual content. 

novelty or display fontsnovelty or display fontsnovelty or display fonts

When Designing Fonts, Goal for Readability and Distinction

Font designers like to experiment with new sort kinds, shapes, textures and colours of their designs. Whereas this may end up in a novel and crowd pleasing font, it does not essentially imply the font is optimized for the visually impaired. 

When designing your individual fonts, goal to make the letters each clear and distinct from each other. 

Enhance the readability of your letters by sticking to a clear, fuss-free sans serif fashion. Some lowercase letters like ‘d’ and ‘b’ will be simply confused, so be sure that to create a distinction between letters that may very well be blended up. 

d and b lettersd and b lettersd and b letters

Conclusion: Enhancing the Accessibility of Fonts in Your Designs

By retaining accessibility necessities on the forefront of your thoughts when you design fonts or use them on print media or web sites, you’ll make sure that your designs are going to be as accessible as doable for visually impaired customers. 

Whereas laws relating to font use on web sites isn’t set in stone but, strain is rising on companies to accommodate customers with a visible impairment or different incapacity. Design is an space that may have a major affect on the accessibility of media, so it’s more and more vital for designers to concentrate on the wants of visually impaired people and to behave on them within the work they produce. 

To seek out out extra about the best way to enhance accessibility in your designs, try these helpful articles:

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