How to Use the Liquify Tool in Photoshop

The Liquify filter is likely one of the strongest capabilities of Photoshop—it lets you modify images in a very magical approach. On this tutorial I am going to present you the best way to use Liquify in Photoshop: the place to search out it, the best way to modify its settings, and what to make use of it for.

If in case you have any issues with the Liquify software, it’s possible you’ll discover the answer on this tutorial:

What You will Be taught in This Liquify Photoshop Tutorial

  • Tips on how to Liquify in Photoshop
  • The place is Liquify in Photoshop
  • Tips on how to undo Liquify in Photoshop
  • What to make use of the Liquify software for

What You will Want

You should use any picture you would like for this tutorial. Listed below are those I used:

1. The place Is the Liquify Software in Photoshop?

First issues first: the place is Liquify in Photoshop? Open your picture in Photoshop. Earlier than you begin modifying it with the Liquify software, it is good to show it right into a Good Object—this fashion you can cancel or modify the modifications later. To do that, right-click the layer and choose Convert to Good Object.

convert to smart objectconvert to smart objectconvert to smart object

Now go to Filter > Liquify. You may as well use the shortcut Shift-Management-X.

where is liqufy tool in photoshopwhere is liqufy tool in photoshopwhere is liqufy tool in photoshop

2. Completely different Liquify Instruments

The Liquify Software consists of a wide range of instruments—it is like a program inside a program! Let’s check out all of them, ranging from the highest.

Ahead Warp Software (W)

This software lets you “push” an space of the picture in a selected route. It is excellent for adjusting the form of one thing.

forward warp toolforward warp toolforward warp tool

Reconstruct Software (R)

Questioning the best way to undo Liquify in Photoshop? Did you go too far when utilizing the earlier software? Don’t be concerned, you’ll be able to simply carry the unique form again with this software.

Keep in mind which you could all the time use the Undo operate (Management-Z) to return a number of steps. Up to now it wasn’t potential, however when you have a present model of Photoshop CC, it should not be an issue! Additionally, because of utilizing the Good Object performance, you’ll be able to reconstruct the adjustments even after closing the file and opening it later.

reconstruct toolreconstruct toolreconstruct tool

Easy Impact (E)

In the event you really feel you went too far, however just a bit, this software might help you barely scale back the energy of the impact.

smooth effectsmooth effectsmooth effect

Twirl Clockwise Software (C)

Because the identify suggests, this software “twirls” part of the picture. Maintain the Alt key to alter the route of the twirling.

twirl clockwise tooltwirl clockwise tooltwirl clockwise tool

Pucker Software (S)

This software shrinks the chosen space. Maintain the Alt key to attain the other impact.

pucker toolpucker toolpucker tool

Bloat Software (B)

This software magnifies the chosen space. Maintain the Alt key to attain the other impact.

bloat toolbloat toolbloat tool

Push Left Software (O)

This software works like a snowplow, pushing the content material of the choice to the left fringe of the comb. Think about that the route you are transferring in is the entrance of the snowplow—then it is going to be straightforward so that you can discover the left facet. Holding the Alt key will can help you change to the best facet.

push left toolpush left toolpush left tool

Freeze Masks Software (F)

When making use of all these modifications, it is easy to have an effect on part of the picture that you just’d relatively hold as it’s. That is what masking is for! Use this software to color over the world that you just wish to hold untouched. Maintain the Alt key to erase the masks.

freeze mask toolfreeze mask toolfreeze mask tool

Thaw Masks Software (D)

This software works like an eraser for the masks, however in case you maintain the Alt key, you need to use it to attract the masks.

thaw mask toolthaw mask toolthaw mask tool

Face Software (A)

In case your picture incorporates a human face, Photoshop ought to be capable to acknowledge its options and allow you to modify them individually. Simply hover over the a part of the face and click on and drag the markers to alter the angle, width, and peak.

face toolface toolface tool

Hand Software (H)

This software lets you transfer throughout the picture. You may as well maintain the House key to activate it whereas utilizing one other software.

hand toolhand toolhand tool

Zoom Software (Z)

This software lets you zoom in on the image. Maintain the Alt key to zoom out.

zoom toolzoom toolzoom tool

3. Liquify Filter Photoshop Settings

The Liquify filter Photoshop function has extra settings, which you’ll find on the right-hand facet of the display screen. They’re associated to the instruments on the left.

Brush Software Choices

Many of the instruments on the left use the performance of a brush. Right here you’ll be able to change the settings of this brush:

You may change the scale of the affected space by altering the Measurement slider (the [ and ] keys will provide you with the identical impact).

liquify brush sizeliquify brush sizeliquify brush size
Small Measurement

liquify brush bigliquify brush bigliquify brush big
Massive Measurement

Stress defines how strongly the world is affected by the comb.

liquify pressure lowliquify pressure lowliquify pressure low
Low Stress

liquify pressure highliquify pressure highliquify pressure high
Excessive Stress

Density defines which a part of the comb impacts the chosen space the strongest. The upper the Density, the “wider” the comb feels.

liquify density lowliquify density lowliquify density low
Low Density

liquify density highliquify density highliquify density high
Excessive Density

Price solely applies to the instruments that offer you a gradual impact—it defines the pace of that gradual change.

liquify rate lowliquify rate lowliquify rate low
Low Price

liquify rate highliquify rate highliquify rate high
Excessive Price

The Pin Edges choice makes certain that the sides of the image keep straight in the course of the means of modification.

Stylus Stress lets you be extra exact in your changes in case you use a graphics pill.

with pin edgeswith pin edgeswith pin edges
Pin Edges on

without pin edgeswithout pin edgeswithout pin edges
Pin Edges off

Face-Conscious Liquify

These are the identical settings you’ll be able to modify by utilizing the Face Software. Nevertheless, right here you’ll be able to entry the precise numerical values of every adjustment, which might help you be extra exact.

face aware liquifyface aware liquifyface aware liquify

Load Mesh Choices

The Liquify filter places a particular mesh in your picture—while you modify the picture, the mesh is modified as nicely. This mesh will be saved as a file—this fashion, you’ll be able to modify one picture, after which apply the identical modifications to different images by utilizing the Save Mesh and Load Mesh capabilities.

liquify mesh optionsliquify mesh optionsliquify mesh options

Masks Choices

If in case you have a Layer Masks in your picture, you need to use it right here too.

layer mask vs liquify masklayer mask vs liquify masklayer mask vs liquify mask

Substitute Choice turns the black space of the Layer Masks right into a Liquify Masks.

replace selectionreplace selectionreplace selection

Add to Choice removes the Liquify masks from the white space of the Layer Masks.

add to selectionadd to selectionadd to selection

Subtract from Choice turns the white space of the Layer Masks right into a Liquify Masks.

subtract from selectionsubtract from selectionsubtract from selection

Intersect with Choice provides the black space of the Layer Masks to the Liquify Masks.

intersect with selectionintersect with selectionintersect with selection

Invert Choice removes the Liquify masks from the white space of the Layer Masks, whereas retaining the half within the black space.

invert selectioninvert selectioninvert selection

If you do not have a Layer Masks, you should still have an interest within the buttons under:

  • None removes the masks.
  • Masks All turns the entire picture into one large masks which you could selectively erase later.
  • Invert All turns the masked space into an unmasked one, and vice versa.
mask settingsmask settingsmask settings

View Choices

These choices do not change something concerning the picture—they simply assist you to work with the filter.

Present Guides turns the visibility of guides on and off, when you have any current in your picture.

show guidesshow guidesshow guides

Present Face Overlay reveals and hides the visibility of the guides that seem while you use the Face Software.

show face overlayshow face overlayshow face overlay

Present Picture reveals and hides the picture, in case you wish to take a more in-depth have a look at the mesh.

show imageshow imageshow image

Present Mesh reveals and hides the mesh that the modifications are linked to.

show meshshow meshshow mesh

Present Masks reveals and hides the masks painted within the picture. A hidden masks would not lose its impact.

show maskshow maskshow mask

Present Backdrop lets you see the unedited model of the picture. You may change the settings of the overlay to make it kind of seen.

show backfropshow backfropshow backfrop

Brush Reconstruct Choices

In the event you suppose you’ve got gone too far, you need to use the Reconstruct operate to steadily lower the diploma of adjustments. However in case you merely wish to return to the unique, click on Restore All.

revert changesrevert changesrevert changes

4. Tips on how to Use the Liquify Software

Let’s have a look at the best way to use Liquify in Photoshop in additional element. Now you most likely have a reasonably good thought of what the Liquify filter can be utilized for: small corrections, “cosmetic surgery”, particular results. However that will help you absolutely understand the potential of this software, let me reveal an instance of utilizing it from begin to end, to show a lion… right into a home cat!

Step 1

Open the photo of a lioness. This system works the most effective for animals that do not have any sample on their fur.

Use the Freeze Masks Software (F) to color over the muzzle. Then conceal the masks and invert it.

mask the areamask the areamask the area

Step 2

Use the Pucker Software (S) to make the muzzle smaller. That is the primary distinction between home cats and massive cats—the latter have a lot bigger muzzles in proportion to the remainder of the top.

make the area smallermake the area smallermake the area smaller

Step 3

Present the masks once more and scale back the scale of the world a bit.

change the maskchange the maskchange the mask

Step 4

Utilizing the Ahead Warp Software (W) with an enormous brush, drag the entire higher a part of the top down. It will make the muzzle look quick, which is acceptable for a home cat.

drag the unmasked area downdrag the unmasked area downdrag the unmasked area down

Step 5

Use the Bloat Software (B) to make the eyes a lot bigger.

resize the eyesresize the eyesresize the eyes

Step 6

Take away the masks and use the Ahead Warp Software (W) to regulate the form of the remainder of the top—make the ears lengthy and pointed, make the brow decrease, and the eyebrows greater. To make the border of the masks much less seen, use the Easy Software (E) and the Reconstruct Software (R).

change shape of the head and earschange shape of the head and earschange shape of the head and ears

These changes could take some time! Maintain fixing issues till you are pleased with the consequence.

change shape of the neckchange shape of the neckchange shape of the neck

Step 7

Masks the eyes—we have to work on them some extra to create an actual home cat look!

mask the eyesmask the eyesmask the eyes

Step 8

Invert and conceal the masks. Then use the Ahead Warp Software (W) with a low Density brush to pull the pupil down—this can give them that attribute slitted look.

change shape of the pupilchange shape of the pupilchange shape of the pupil

Step 9

Once you’re achieved, click on OK. To make the tip consequence extra convincing, use the Patch Software (J) to cover the suspicious “seams”. As highly effective because the Liquify Software is, you should still want some assist from different Photoshop instruments to attain an ideal consequence!

final effectfinal effectfinal effect

Good Job!

Now you know the way to Liquify in Photoshop! Take into account that this software offers the most effective outcomes in case you use it sparingly—the extra you warp, the extra traces of the modification you allow within the picture, and typically it might be inconceivable to cover them afterwards.

liquify tool exampleliquify tool exampleliquify tool example

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